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Purifying Skincare Set (fet/uren hud)

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Purifying skincare set har lindrende og rensende ingredienser for uren hud. Produktene balanserer talgproduksjonen uten å tette porene. Alle produktene kan kjøpes separat.
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Purifying Cleansing Gel

Respects the natural balance of the skin

Removes dirt from the skin and gently cares

For a clarified and deeply cleansed skin

Ideal for skin with a tendency to impurities

Deep Purifying Serum

Intensive serum for impure skin of all ages

Supports the natural skin balance with intensive effectiveness

Clarifies to the depths

Has a cleansing and pore-refining effect

The skin can breathe freely again

The complexion appears smooth and purified

Daily Purifying Facial Cream

Cleans deep into the pores

Has a calming and soothing effect

Prevents the formation of impurities

Allows existing impurities to subside more quickly

Gives a clear and cleansed skin feeling


Purifying Cleansing Gel:
USNEA EXTRACT | calming, soothing
COCO-CAPRYLATE | emollient of natural origin, moisturizing, nourishing, makes the skin soft and smooth
MALLOW | protective, ideal for dry skin and pigmentation marks, soothing, moisturizing, supports the natural skin barrier
SORBITOL | moisturizing, increases the NMF, very well tolerated
Deep Purifying Serum:

NATURAL HYALURONIC ACID | provides intensive moisture, can cushion wrinkles
ALOE VERA | cooling, calming and moisturizing
PAPAYA | enzymatic and toning, can smooth small wrinkles; papain dissolves dead skin cells without harming the active skin cells
CARROT | age prevention, firming, cell protecting, calming, rich in vitamins
GLYCOLIC ACID | moisturizes the skin, can strengthen the collagen fibers and gently stimulate cell regeneration; cleansing and pore refining; can smooth fine lines and wrinkles
Daily Purifying Facial Cream:

AVOCADO | calming, makes the skin soft, intensive care for dry and chapped skin, smoothing, ideal for keratinizations and cracked skin
ROSEMARY | Super Antioxidant, clarifying, activating, slightly astringent
PROPOLIS | calming, soothing
TEA TREE | cleansing, soothing
PALMAROSA | calming, moisturizing, firming
CAJEPUT | activating, soothing, ideal for acne and skin inflammations
SAGE | antioxidant, cleansing, clarifying, soothing, cell-protecting
BLUE CHAMOMILE | calming, soothing; can stimulate skin metabolism
MINT | cleansing, soothing, calming, purifying, cooling


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