Team Dr. Joseph

Daily Repair Well Aging Cream 05

998 kr

En svært effektiv ansiktskrem for aldrende hud. Fuktighetsgivende og oppstrammende aktive ingredienser som styrker og bevarer hudens glød.

50 ml

HIBISCUS EXTRACT | muscle-relaxing, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, vegetable alternative to Botox, prevents skin aging, protects against free radicals
ULVA HYDRATION | stimulates collagen synthesis, remodeling, protecting, firming, smoothing
RHODIOLA ROSEA (ROSE ROOT) | activating, strengthening, adaptogen, antioxidant, cell-protecting
SNOW AGE | age protection, strengthens the barrier function of the skin, reduces age spots, smoothing, moisturizing
AGNUS CASTUS | phyto-endorphin, normalizes the hormone balance, harmonizing
OLIVE OIL | protective, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidant, can protect against premature skin aging; preserves the skin's moisture
CARROT | age prevention, firming, cell-protecting, calming, rich in vitamins
ALMOND OIL | nourishing, moisturizing, vitamin-providing, prevents moisture loss, makes the skin elastic and can reduce the formation of lines and wrinkles
ROSEMARY | Super Antioxidant, clarifying, activating, slightly astringent
COCO-CAPRYLATE | emollient of natural origin, lipid-replenishing, nourishing, makes the skin soft and smooth, moisturizing

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