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Sensitive Skincare Set

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Ekstra pleiende produkter for sensitiv hud, og hud med couperose. 

Daily Cleansing Milk:

  • Particularly gentle cleansing milk, which respects the natural balance of the skin
  • Removes pollution from the skin and cares especially gentle
  • With smoothing, clarifying and calming functional ingredients
  • Ideal for sensitive and dry skin

Extra Sensitive Calming Serum:

  • Specially developed for sensitive skin
  • Highly concentrated serum with strengthening plant ingredients
  • May relieve redness and irritation
  • Has a calming and strengthening effect
  • Provides moisture
  • Very good tolerability

Gentle Couperose Cream

  • Specially formulated for skin with a tendency to couperose
  • Reduces redness and irritation
  • Strengthens the blood vessels and the connective tissue of the skin

antistress effect

  • Improves the skin barrier

Climate Defense Rich Cream:

  • Optimal protection against wind and weather
  • Sustainably improves the skin's resistance to external stress factors
  • Brings the skin back into balance
  • Supplies the skin with moisture and promotes an intact skin barrier
  • Hightech ceramides and skin affine molecules achieve longterm protection and support the barrier function of particularly sensitive and dry skin
  • Supports dry skin during regeneration
  • Promotes skin comfort


Daily Cleansing Milk:
JOJOBA OIL | smoothing, caring, rich in vitamin E; can counteract premature skin aging; especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin
ROSMARY | Super Antioxidant, clarifying, activating, slightly astringent
BLUEBERRY | protecting, refreshing, astringent and strengthening
CHAMOMILE | calming, soothing; helps stimulate skin metabolism
HORSE CHESTNUT | can support the blood circulation of the skin, has a strengthening effect, can reduce swellings  
Extra Sensitive Calming Serum:
EDELWEISS | antioxidant, sustainably improves the skin's resistance to external stress factors, returnes the skin to its natural balance
LILY | protecting, calming, harmonizing, provides immediate relaxation of stressed and reddened skin, promotes the blood circulation and the moisture absorption of the skin
NATURAL HYALURONIC ACID | provides intensive moisture, can cushion wrinkles
MARSH MALLOW | cleansing, calming, soothing, protective, moisturizing
WHEAT PROTEINS | moisturizing, skin protecting, skin caring, tightening
Gentle Couperose Cream:
COUPERIN COMPLEX | protective complex for sensitive and irritated skin with a tendency to rosacea, calming, protecting, soothing
ESCINA COMPLEX | calming, known for its vasoprotective and vascular strengthening effect, couperose
RHODIOLA ROSEA (ROSE ROOT) | activating, strengthening, adaptogen, antioxidant, cell-protecting
CHAMOMILE | calming, soothing; gently stimulates the skin metabolism
PANTHENOL (PROVITAMIN B5) | moisturizing, calming, supports cell regeneration (epithelisation), soothing, can bind moisture and improve the elasticity of the skin
SQUALANE | soothing, smoothing, moisturizing, makes the skin soft and smooth
BLUEBERRY | protecting, refreshing, astringent and strengthening
HORSE CHESTNUT | gently stimulates the microcirculation, known for its capillary-enhancing effect, can reduce swelling
Climate Defense Rich Cream:
CERAMIDES | permanently support the barrier function of particularly sensitive and dry skin; provide moisture and protection; keep the skin soft and smooth.
TOCOPHEROL | natural vitamin E, strong antioxidant, can protect the skin from free radicals
EDELWEISS | sustainably improves the skin's resistance to external stress factors and brings the skin back into its natural balance
ROSEHIP | rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids; can help build and renew skin cells, stimulates collagen production; super antioxidant; strengthens the skin's protective function against free radicals; moisturizing
ROSE | antioxidant, firming, calming, soothing, balancing, moisturizing, makes the skin appear smoother and firmer


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